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LFA Series 2017: God, Man, & the Movies

What is Leadership for America?

If one seeks to lead others towards the good, both for the individual and for society, one must first strive for wisdom.  Leadership for America is an annual summer series that challenges high school students to ask the big questions.  Each year LFA tackles a topic that is both relevant to man today, and to every man.  Throughout the week the underlying principles of leadership, based on the natural law, freedom of conscience, and democratic ideals, are studied in the light of Catholic values and revealed truths.


The 2017 Edition


God, Man, & the Movies

Who are you?  Where are you going?  Why bother?  The same questions have been asked by humans living inside camel-skin tents in ancient Egypt, straw huts in Tibet, and suburban houses in Houston, Texas.  What is it about humans that they remain “Terra Incognita” to themselves? God never goes away and that means everything. Otherwise, every evil act would be permissible and only the strongest and cruelest would rule. Under such a state, the individual is insignificant.  Are you insignificant?

This year’s seminar will explore Christian anthropology for the answers.  You will meet Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Darwin, Einstein, Francis Crick, the Joker, and Batman.  They all have something to say about ethical systems.  Important clues can be found in outer space as well as in molecular biology. Only one system can win the battle of competing moralities. God, Man, & the Movies at LFA can help you choose the ultimate winner.



Michael Kelleher, Ph.D., Chemistry Instructor UC Berkeley

Tim Mc Donnell, M.A. Education, Social Studies, Columbia University; M.A. Modern European History, Marquette University


Dates and Location:

Tue. June 13 (evening) to Sun. June 18 (morning) at Featherock Conference Center (Schulenburg, Texas).



Leadership for America is a college-level seminar series for qualied high-school boys from Texas (entering sophomores, juniors, and seniors). GPA is considered a factor for acceptance.


Cost and Application:

The fee for the seminar is $375 covering room, board, and the seminars. Partial scholarships are available.  Apply above by clicking on the green Register button.