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Fatherhood Talk 2018


Fatherhood 2018

 Register: www.chaucercenter.net/registration

Guido Caranti

March 3, 2018

Truly Human Sexuality 

Educating in Love

Mr. Guido Caranti holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Argentina, and an MBA degree from the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin. Currently, he manages a private equity fund, which he founded with two partners.

Pilar and Guido have 6 children ages 22 to 10. In 2014, they founded Family Summer, a vacation in Colorado for families that combines parenting classes, leisure and outdoor adventures. In 2016 they co-founded Texas Family Enrichment, an organization that promotes and runs Family Enrichment courses across Texas.

Mr. Caranti's talk will be a discussion of the importance of developing in our children an adequate appreciation for their sexuality, its power to generate new life and to complete and enrich the love of husband and wife, as well as its power, when misused, to corrupt and ruin how they see and relate to others and themselves.


A lecture helping fathers to educate their children  7:00 - 9:30 AM 

Saturday: March 3, 2018   


Westcott Study Center, 410 Wescott Street, Houston, TX 77007


7:00 AM  Mass
       7:45 AM  Breakfast
8:15 AM  Talk 
9:30 AM  End 

Suggested Donation $20

Register: chaucercenter.net/registration


May mail checks payable to: Chaucer  Drive Study Center. to:

5505 Chaucer Drive Houston, TX 77005