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Fatherhood Series 2019

February 9, 2019
Smartphones the Attention Economy, and Interior Freedoms

The proliferation of electronic devices has introduced a greater opportunity to live a life separate, distinct, and hidden from those around us. With unlimited access to content and the ability to keep digital activity private, these devices can compromise one's interior freedom. Children faced with these realities need clear guidance on how to use technology well. This lecture will provide parents with practical ideas on how to cultivate an attitude of prudence and detachment towards electronic devices. It will also include a discussion of filtering and other safety nets that parents can use to protect children from online dangers.

Mr. Rob Dunikoski is an attorney with one of the largest investigative agencies in the federal government. A former technology consultant, he now provides legal counsel to federal agents investigating cybercrime including crimes against children. He lives in Irving with his wife, Anna, and their five children.


Fatherhood Lecture Series is designed to help fathers educate their children.

3 Saturdays
(8:00 - 10:30 AM)
Feb 9, March 9 and April 13

8:00 Mass
8:45 Breakfast
9:15 Talk
10:30 End

Suggested Donations:
- $50 for all
- $30 for two
- $20 for one

Westcott Study Center
410 Westcott Street
Houston, TX 77007


March 9, 2019
The Father as Servant Leader

Based upon his experiences at West Point, as well as a paratrooper, special agent, cancer survivor, adoptive parent and adoptee, Kumar argues that leaders are formed, not born. He champions the deliberate practice of leadership habits necessary to build trust, influence and support family, friends and co-workers in leading a life of meaning. Five years ago while already an adoptive father, Kumar stumbled upon the stunning family secret that he himself had been adopted. He later identified and met his biological father and seven siblings. As he discovered shared personality traits, interests and behaviors with his birath family, he began to think more deeply about how nature and nurture influence who we become and how we lead.

Mr. Kumar Kibble: Former ICE Deputy Director and Senior Vice President, Border Security & Migration at ANDE.


April 13, 2019
Patriotism: A Lost Virtue of Piety in Our Day

Piety has three principal objects, namely God, parents, and country. The practice of one sort of piety aids the practice of the rest, which raises neglected questions: how can we encourage piety toward our country, especially when we see the country has, in many ways, lost its way. Dr. Mehan will address the special role of fathers in fostering piety of all sorts, but especially piety toward our country, the United States of America.

Dr. Matt Mehan is the Worsham Teaching Fellow for Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington DC. He teaches American history.